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1980 Mayport Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233


A Little Slice of Heaven

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We make pie from scratch, by hand 


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Giving Back

So, what do you do with that? Well, I started sending money to missionaries who I knew were aggressively pulling children out of horrid poverty and caring for them, like Heidi Baker. (google her….she’s like Mother Theresa on steroids.) I knew that I had been asked to make a bigger impact however, so I prayed lots, asking for a business that would open me up to more money, because it takes a lot of money to feed children.

It seems that God used my appetite to answer that prayer. I started craving a place to go where I could meet friends for coffee and pie but found no such place exists in my area. I saw this as a need I should fill and began the quest.

Visit Iris Global.

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Our Story

Owner, master pie baker – Anita Hyde

As a kid, my grandmother's kitchen in her shack-like house was my happy place. She created food from her garden and seemed to never use a measuring cup. No wonder that as a young woman, I loved baking. I could easily bake myself happy. That came to an end when the need for “a real job” landed me in a career that lastest over 20 years in commercial insurance. It paid well – but the hours took me out of the kitchen. Finally, God blessed me with a corporate layoff which allowed me a couple of years to find my oven again.

The lay-off was a peculiar answer to prayers I’d been praying. You see, I had a very unusual encounter a few years back. Some would call it a vision. I was taken to Heaven and shown a vast banquet for children. There were tables of food and children as far as you could see. An angel told me that all these had died of starvation. Then I was told “YOU! Feed the children and remember Schindler!”


About Pie Heaven

You might feel like you've stepped into your Grandma's house when you enter the pie shop and breathe in the heavenly aromatherapy of pies baking.  


The menu is inspired by the comfort classics from our childhood like apple pie, chicken pot pie, chocolate pie and much more.  Everything is handmade, from scratch in small batches.   You can usually pick up a slice or sit down and enjoy it with coffee. You can aso pre-order or grab a ready to go pie too. 


Our team is passionate about

...making great pies that rival Grandma's 

...supporting works that feed starving children 

...making you feel the love.


We are in Atlantic Beach Florida at 1980 Mayport Road.


Oh...we sing too and don't understand why they won't give us the mic at church....


4th of July


Gallery of Pies
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